Rajesh Verma/Bokaro :: In an effort to make the officials a friend of destitute children who have run away from home or are found seeking alms,and to encourage them to use childline 1098 helpline, the CHILDLINE Bokaro kick off ‘childline se dosti’campaign on Thursday. The children tied ‘Raksha Sutra’ on the wrists of SDPO,CS,CWC,DCPU,CDPO and asked the officials to help them when in need.

Shiv Pandey,COORDINATOR, CHILDLINE Bokaro unit, said, “Every year Child Line observes ‘Child Line se Dosti’ week starting November 14. It will comprise various programmes to ensure that the government, allied bodies and the general public become part of the efforts of Child Line in helping children at risk.”

As many as 16 slum kids went with Child Line authorities to SDPO Mr. Bhagwan Das, CWC member Miss Preety Kumari and DCPO Mrs Anita Jha to tie ‘raksha sutra’ around their wrists and take a promise from them that the officials will be ready to help them whenever needed.

A pledge was also taken by the officials and promise was made that they will stand by the kids whenever in need.

The week will be marked by various programmes, which will also include awareness about developing a friendly approach towards children who do not have a home or parents, and need to be rescued and protected.

“The public will be encouraged to call the helpline no., 1098, if they find an abandoned child or one being used as a child labourer,” said Shiv Pandey.

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