A Spectacular Puppet Show at DPS, Chas by a group of IIT (BHU) students

Bokaro :: The students of DPS,Chas had a great day as they witnessed a spectacular Puppet Show, showcased by a group of IIT(BHU) students.

The show was based on the theme Mohan se Mahatma .The group presenting the show imparted the values of Gandhiji, who was just like any other child,average in study , had normal handwriting,body buildup like normal kid but still regarded the greatest personality of 20th century. The  students also learnt that irrespective how hard or difficult times Gandhi faced, he never left the path of truth and non-violence.

Mrs Neelkama Sinha, Principal, DPS Chas reiterating the values of Gandhiji advised the students to lead their lives following the path of Gandhiji.

The Puppet show would certainly help the children imbibe values such as peace and cooperation . It will help the students revive folk art , and spread the message of humanity  to everyone in the society.

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